Laurel Auto Group AAABA team supporting ovarian cancer awareness

JOHNSTOWN — Mike Smith, owner of the Johnstown AAABA franchise Laurel Auto Group, has spent the last two years giving to his team. Since its expansion in 2012, LAG has turned itself into one of the league’s top teams.

On Tuesday, the team gave back to their owner.

Twelve years ago, Smith lost his wife, Ann, to ovarian cancer. On Monday, Laurel Auto Group players and coaches surprised Smith with new batting practice t-shirts and game hats. The t-shirts say “Change The Future” and are colored teal, the color of ovarian cancer awareness.

“It was tearful,” Smith said of the presentation. “To know that this team of 20-something guys would go out of their way to make this happen was a very, very special moment.”

Laurel Auto Group followed up the presentation by honoring their owner in another way: A 10-0 win over Opthalmic Associates. Laurel Auto Group sits in second place in the Johnstown AAABA League, with a 23-9 record.

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