2013 AAABA Team Capsules

JOHNSTOWN — Berkley Hills Renegades

Manager: Larry McCabe, 2nd season, 31-15 record.

Assistant coaches: Dave Tataliba, Ben Grace. GM Roland Black.

Last season: 25-11.

Playoffs: 6-2.

AAABA Tournament: 0-2.

Top returnees: Johnny Jones, 3B; Nate Campbell; MVP; Matt Kastelic, SS; Brett Marabito, OF.

Top recruits: Rick Jones, INF.


(Player, age, position)

A.J. Rievel, 21, LHP; Ben Weimer, 21, RHP; Billy Elliot, 18, LHP; Brady Wright, 19, RHP; Braxton Ferre, 21, RHP; Brett Marabito, 21, OF; Dan Gray, 21, C; Dylin Brooks, 21, INF; Evan Price, 18, UTL; Jake Pribanic, 18, 1B; Jake Haubrich, 21, C.

Jay Shirley, 21, OF; John Jones, 21, 3B-RHP; Luke Trotz, 20, C-UTL; Matt Kastelic, 20, INF; Nate Campbell, 21, OF; Nate Spohn, 21, LHP; Oliver Girman, 21, RHP-UTL; Rick Jones, 19, SS; Ryan Dandrea, 21, RHP; Ryan Loutzenhiser, 21, RHP; Zach Detillio, 19, RHP.


Manager: Chris DelSignore, 11th season, 295-153 record.

Assistant coaches: Garrett Sidor; Dan DelSignore; Matt Hohan.

Last season: 23-13.

Playoffs: 1-3.

Top returnees: Josh Staniscia, OF-LHP; Andy Smithmyer, RHP; Nate Plummer, RHP; Marcus Shippey, RHP.

Top recruits: Derrick Capiak, RHP; Drew Hemminger, RHP-INF; Matt Martin, C.


(Player, age, position)

Ben Legath, 20, RHP-INF; Matt Martin, 20, C-INF; Josh Robinette, 21; OF; Ian Helsel, 19, INF-RHP; Josh Staniscia, 21, OF-LHP; Eric Weyant, 20, INF; Joel Polites, 19, RHP-INF; Drew Hemminger, 17, INF-OF-RHP; Andy Smithmyer, 21, RHP; Marcus Shippey, 19, RHP-UTL.

Austin Sleek, 19, LHP-1B; Derrick Capiak, 20, RHP; Nate Plummer, 21, RHP; Devin Pritts, 20, OF; Ian Stiffler, 18, RHP-OF; Zach Solarczyk, 19, INF-OF-RHP; Logan Brown, 20, OF-RHP; Stone Rice, 18, RHP-INF; Luke Campbell, 18, C; Bobby Carbaugh, 21, RHP; Brad Ditzler, 20, RHP.

First Commonwealth Bank

Manager: Jim McMillen, 1st season.

Assistant coaches: John Pudliner; Quenteen Robinson; Andrew Fitzpatrick.

Last season: Did not play.

Top recruits: Bryan Leipold, P-INF; Mike Megahan, P-INF; Chris Horten, P-OF; Zach Varga, C.


(Player, age, position)

David Barefoot, 18, INF; Chris Horten, 18, P-OF; Zaine Tomkowski, 18, P-OF; Bob Varner, 18, P-OF; Zach Varga, 19 C; Jerrell Thorton, 18, C; Mike Megahan, 19, P-INF; Cody Mickus, 19, P-INF; Justin Smith, 19 OF.

Spencer Price, 19, OF; Ryan Graham, 19, INF; Travis Antolik, 20 INF; Joe Hrbal, 20, P-OF; Nate Nickel, 20, P-OF; John Pudliner, 20, P-INF; Heath Singer, 20, P-INF; Joe McCall, 20, OF; Mike Young, 20, P.

Laurel Auto Group

Manager: Mark Thomchick, 1st season.

Assistant coaches: Tony Piccolini, Dan Webb.

Last season: 14-22.

Playoffs: 1-3.

Top returnees: Mike Nowicki, RHP; Ryan Hayden, OF; Zach Heide, 1B-3B.

Top recruits: Chris Nolan, RHP; Mike Vizzini, RHP; Derrick Zavatsky, C; Jesse Bortner, C.


(Player, age, position)

Gordon Barr, 20, UTL; Ryan Bills, 21, RHP-3B; Zachary Bowman, 21, RHP; Joe Fearer, 21, OF-1B-LHP; Ryan Hayden, 21, OF; Zach Heide, 19, 1B-3B; Matt Kochasic, 21, RHP; Ryan Matsko, 21, SS; Adam Mylant, 20, RHP.

Chris Nolan, 20, RHP; Mike Nowicki, 19, OF-RHP; Anthony Piccolini, 20, 2B; Dylan Wolsonovich, 20, 2B-SS; Mike Vizzini, 21, RHP; Jesse Bortner, 18, C-1B-OF; Brady Hamer, 19, RHP; Ben Webb, 19, 3B-2B; Derrick Zavatsky, 19, C-OF; Nick Kolat, 19, RHP-3B; Zach Zimmerman, 21, RHP-2B-OF.

Martella’s Pharmacy

Manager: Chris Pfeil, 15th season, 383-214 record.

Assistant coaches: Ray Stenger; Paul Knupp; Kerry Pfeil; Josh Day.

Last season: 23-13.

Playoffs: 4-4.

AAABA Tournament: 1-2.

Top returnees: Derek Younker, RHP; Nick Cubarney, RHP; Jesse Cooper, RHP-INF.

Top recruits: Zach Martinelli, RHP; Nathan Neiderhiser, LHP-OF; Sam Barbera, OF.


(Player, age, position)

Sam Barbera, 20, OF; Rylan Schnably, 21, RHP; Mike Mulvey, 21, RHP; Dillon Boyer, 18, INF-OF; Christian Leech, 19 OF; Pat Gully, 20 C; Jordan Giannini, 20 INF; Tony Strasiser, 18 RHP; Jimmy Stenger, 18 INF; Anthony Fanelli, 19 C; Jesse Cooper, P-INF; Cam Onderko, 19 INF.

Nathan Neiderhiser, 17 LHP-OF; Nick Cubarney, 19, RHP; Matt McMillen, 20 INF-OF; Andrew Keirn, 20 RHP; Luke Novosel, 21 RHP; Luke Williams, 18 INF; Ross Orgera, 18 RHP; Zach Martinelli, 18 RHP; Derek Younker, 21, RHP.

Ophthalmic Associates

Manager: Jason Kaminsky, 1st season.

Assistant coaches: Ken Ashbrook; Travis Welch; Nick Hogue.

Last season: Did not play.

Top recruits: Dylan Corl, INF; Logan Fluke, LHP; Cameron Kaminsky, OF; Brandon Miller, C; Joe Glass, RHP; Kirk Davis, OF.


(Player, age, position)

Austin Barefoot, 21, RHP; Brent Barron, 18, RHP-OF; Tyler Black, RHP-3B; Josh Bracken, 19, INF; Dylan Corl, 20, INF; Kirk Davis, 19, OF; Justin Donaldson, 19, INF; Logan Fluke, 19, LHP-OF; Michael Flyte, 18 OF; Cory Furry, 18, C-RHP; Joe Glass, 19, RHP-1B.

Matt Hogue, 18, LHP-OF; Cameron Kaminsky, 19 OF; Cory Keenan, 18, RHP-3B; Greg Martin, 18, LHP-1B; Tyler Mayhugh, 19, RHP-INF; Brandon Miller, 19, C-OF; Jordan Mills, 20, INF: Joe Pushnigg, 19, RHP; Ryan Vogt, 20, RHP-UTL; Alex Beiler, 19 INF.


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